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Here's what people have to say after reading the new book by E.J. Radford and Jeff Comerchero - "The Old Man and The Queer". Scroll below the reviews on this page to add your own comments! We look forward to receiving your feedback!

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An Important Book

February 26, 2024
This book is important and inspirational. It's a duel memoir told by very different people whose lives were transformed by an unlikely friendship - a story that speaks to the heart and touches the soul. As a member of the Temecula Valley Race , Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Commission, I have an added insight: reading this memoir reminds us that it's the little moments of compassion that make a big difference in the world.
Stacia Deutsch
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Challenging Our Beliefs and Enriching our Lives

February 26, 2024
This book comes at a time when our own city is struggling to find its identity, confronting real challenges through a microcosm that reflects our nation. Our community is better because of the strength and leadership from these two remarkable individuals. They show us how our own personal journey can be changed forever by the most unexpected friendships, challenging our own beliefs, and enriching our lives.
Dr. Matt Rahn
Researcher, Educator, and former Temecula Mayor

A Must Read

February 26, 2024
No matter where you land on the political spectrum, we can all use a little more compassion, empathy and understanding in our lives. That’s what this page turner is all about. A must read for those interested in learning and growing.
Drew Wegner
Harvard Law '19

An Amazing Book

February 26, 2024
E.J. Radford is truly a special person, who, along with their writing partner, has written an amazing book about a beautiful relationship. E.J. is teaching us all that we don’t have to live in a contentious world, we just need to decide that we prefer human kindness and understanding.
Eddie Sanchez
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