The Old Man & The Queer
A Book by
Jeff Comerchero
E.J. Radford
The transformative story of a retired mayor and the barber who freed him from bigotry

The Old Man is a 75-year-old retired mayor and successful businessman. He has been politically and socially conservative all his adult life. His new barber, The Queer, is a 23-year-old tattooed, non-binary, budding entrepreneur. Finding themselves on the opposite end of the political spectrum, they first came together in an atmosphere of mistrust that bordered on repugnance.

The Old Man and the Queer deals with the colliding of their worlds and the coming together of two completely different individuals who one would suspect could never find common ground. Completely out of character for them both, they forge a unique and beautiful friendship. As a result, their lives are forever changed. This is a story that begins with the fear and anguish of growing up queer in a devoutly Christian environment, and ends with the discovery of tolerance, love, hope and ultimately triumph.

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Who Is
I was the mayor of my city, I was the CEO of a billion-dollar company ... and I was a bigot.
Jeff Comerchero was born in 1946 and was very much a child of his time. He was raised mostly in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn New York, an area almost totally populated by Jews. Many had relatives move there who had survived the horrors of Hilter's concentration camps. The tattooed numbers on their left forearms were a visual reminder of the atrocities of the war. The children raised in that era were continually admonished to never even think about getting tattooed. Comerchero has gone on to achieve much in his lifetime, but this was a message he carried throughout his life.
Who Is
E.J. Radford
From fifteen to eighteen, I was shipped off to different places in other people's efforts to free me of what they saw as demons.
In contrast, E.J. Radford's life has been rife with angst and struggles. Born a biological female in 1998, they knew from a young age that their gender at birth did not match how they related to themselves and what they showed to the world around them. Throughout childhood they thought they were a boy and didn't understand when told otherwise. E.J. wanted very much to be what others expected. They tried but eventually discovered that was simply not possible. That inner struggle, especially in a child as young as 10, is riveting. It's not until young adulthood that they are able to break through these significant barriers and be who they were meant to be.

What Our Readers Say

"This book is important and inspirational. It's a duel memoir told by very different people whose lives were transformed by an unlikely friendship - a story that speaks to the heart and touches the soul. As a member of the Temecula Valley Race , Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Commission, I have an added insight: reading this memoir reminds us that it's the little moments of compassion that make a big difference in the world."
Stacia Deutsch
#1 New York Times Best Selling Author
"This book comes at a time when our own city is struggling to find its identity, confronting real challenges through a microcosm that reflects our nation. Our community is better because of the strength and leadership from these two remarkable individuals. They show us how our own personal journey can be changed forever by the most unexpected friendships, challenging our own beliefs, and enriching our lives."
Dr. Matt Rahn
Researcher, Educator, and former Temecula Mayor
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