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The Old Man and the Queer

The book’s title took me by surprise. So did the first line of the introduction: “I am the mayor of my city, I am the CEO of a billion-dollar company…and I am a bigot.”

“The Old Man & the Queer” by Jeff Comerchero, 77, and E.J. Radford, 25, weaves the story of the lives of two people, born generations and thousands of miles apart, and how a chance meeting opened both their eyes and their minds.

Many of those who live in Southwest County either know, or know of, Comerchero. I’ve known him for about 30 years. As a newspaper reporter and columnist in this region for most of that time, I observed his actions as a Temecula city councilman, the city’s mayor, a corporate executive, and the chief of staff of a County Supervisor.

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How an ex-Temecula mayor’s barber helped him overcome bigotry against the LGBTQ community

Jeff Comerchero’s book, ‘The Old Man & the Queer’ tells how a nonbinary hairstylist changed his views – and became his friend

Published In: Press Enterprise

What do a 77-year-old staunch Republican and self-proclaimed “bigot” and a 25-year-old queer nonbinary barber covered in tattoos have in common?


But the two formed an unlikely friendship anyway.

What started as a chance encounter between Eli James “E.J.” Radford, who uses they and he pronouns, and Jeff Comerchero blossomed into a bond that both believe can be model for respecting others and...

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Retired Temecula Mayor, Nonbinary Barber's Friendship Sparks New Book

"The Old Man and the Queer" is described as a transformative story of a retired mayor and a barber that freed him from bigotry.

Published In: Patch

Former Mayor Jeff Comerchero has come a long way, he says. A self-proclaimed former bigot, he recently penned a book with his barber, a nonbinary 23-year-old who challenged him to see the world through a different lens.

The book chronicles the lives of Comerchero and barber E.J. Radford, examining each of their lives, their mutual successes and disappointments as they became unlikely friends...

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